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Fresno Housing Authority is committed to supporting public housing residents and voucher holders in their efforts to achieve economic independence, home-ownership, educational success, and self-sufficiency. Therefore, in addition to focusing on housing, the agency implements innovative programs designed to engage and support people to meet their goals, as well as to stay healthy and involved in the community.

temporary Drought HOUSING relocation assistance (DHRA) program

Fresno Housing can help you and your family get access to water resulting from a dry-well by providing 12 months of relocation and moving assistance. This program is intended to renters and homeowners who do not have access to potable water due to current drought conditions. Income limits apply and verification of a dry-well is required, non-citizens may apply.

For more information, please contact Eduardo Rodriguez at erodriguez@fresnohousing.org or (559) 445-8973


Drought Housing Relocation Assistance (DHRA) Pre-Application
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Asistencia para la reubicación de la vivienda por sequía
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