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Targeted Admissions

The HAFC may admit an applicant for participation in the HCV program as a special admission or as a waiting list admission.
Applicants who are admitted under targeted funding according to procedures will be identified in the automated system and are not maintained on separate waiting lists.


Description Criteria Resource
Limited Preference
Homeless Program
Approximately 160 vouchers are targeted for limited preferences. These vouchers are targeted for families/individuals in homeless assistance programs and/or initiatives; or special purpose voucher programs, when necessary to prevent homelessness, based on referrals from identified agencies with whom we would partner. Pre-selected service providers refer all eligible families to the HACF.

This program was designed to support local homeless assistance strategies by providing tenant-based HCV assistance to families currently participating in a transition plan administered by community-based organizations in the local homeless Continuum of Care and pre-selected homeless prevention initiatives.

Eligibility criteria for referral will be developed by the referring agency in conjunction with HACF. Referred families will be placed on the HCV waiting list and codes as “HCVH”. When funding is available selection from the waiting list will be by code “HCVH” according to the date and time of the referral.

In addition to meeting the criterial for referral, families must meet income and other voucher eligibility requirements for the tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher program.
Chapter 2, Section 2.5.7 and Chapter 26
Referral Based
Programs FUPY and
Family Unification Program (FUP) Targeted Programs refers to special purpose vouchers operated within the Housing Choice Voucher program and are intended to serve specific subpopulations and often correspond with supportive services. Although most of these programs provide ongoing housing assistance as long as the household is income eligible, some have an expiration period or can terminate eligibility if supportive services or funding cease to exist. HACF recognizes that this practice could potentially
result in homelessness or other unstable living conditions, therefore, will exercise the option to continue assistance to such populations under the Housing Choice Voucher program.
Families,for whom lack of adequate housing is a primary factor in the separation or,threat of imminent separation of a child or children from their,families.

Youths,(18-21 years old) who left foster care at age 16 or older and lack adequate,housing.

Families,or youths displaced by domestic violence and lack adequate housing.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) refers FUP-eligible families or youth by submitting a completed FUP Referral Form and HCV Pre-application Form

FUP, eligible families and youth are placed on HCV waiting list and coded as,“FUPF” and “FUPY” respectively. HACF,will check to see if the referred family/youth is on existing HCV waiting,list and code them accordingly
Chapter 26